You can read about the creation of this service here

Questions and Bugs

If you just have a general question then probably best to try and find me (hardilllb) on the Node-RED Slack team in the #alexa channel.

If you have a bug with the service please raise an issue on github here


If on the other hand you just want to say thanks, you can always throw a few quid my way to buy me a beer via paypal paypal

If you are feeling super generous then you could always sponsor me on GitHub. For $1 a month you can help me keep working on these types of projects and keep them free to use.

Privacy Policy

No information held by this sevice will be shared with 3rd parties, with the exception of the oAuth tokens required to link with Amazon's Alexa service.

Email addresses will only be used for comunication about the operaton of the service

Logs (including IP addresses) are kept for 30days then deleted to provide data for debugging problems. in rare cases this may be extended to 90 days a specfic long running issue.